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*B Whey-to-Go Ticonderoga

Whey-to-Go Tamberine


Ticonderoga has allowed us to blend some of our favorite lines into one nicely balanced buck – we really love how Companeros Clinton Xavier has blended into our herd (just love Calcutta!) while bringing in length and production via Eins and Whey-to-Go Tabbitina.  He produced some very nice kids for us last Spring  and we are looking forward to seeing his kids this year as well.

DOB:  March 21, 2013                                                               American

Sire:    +*B SG Companeros Clinton Xavier                                                  

SS:      ++*B  Old-English Clinton                                                                 

SD:      SGCH Companeros Standout Calcutta  LA 92 VEEE


Dam:    SG Whey-to-Go Tamberine 4*M                                                                       

DS:       +*B SG Des-Ruhigestelle Eins                                                                    

DD:       Whey-to-Go Tabbitina     3*M 2011 TOP TEN w/ 4110 #/milk and 142 #/butterfat.

SGCH Companeros Calcutta LA 92 EEEE

Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Camille@copper-penny-ranch.com