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Whey-to-Go Gorgeous

From day one, Gorgeous stood out in the kid pen.   Long, strong, good bone, strong rear leg set, very nice top line – and all in a cohesive balanced package.  While she makes a very pretty profile, she really shines while “on the move”.  Gorgeous has earned her dry leg and was selected as the 2016 NSBA All American Intermediate Kid.

1X GCH, 1X RGCH, 2X 1st,  3X 2nd  2016 NSBA All American Intermediate Kid

DOB:  March 11, 2016                                                American

Sire:  +*B Whey-to-Go Cisco Ali Baba  LA 92 EEE
SS:    +B Old-English The Cisco Kid
SD:   SGCH Whey-to-Go Scherazade 1*M  LA 92 EEEE

Dam:  Whey-to-Go Geneva 4*M  LA 90 EVEE
DS:    +*B SG Companeros Clinton Xavier
DD:   Whey-to-Go Galatea 3*M  LA 88 +EEE

LA VVV   Very Good Overall (young stock score)


       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com