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Pictured at 7½  years

SGCH Wild Garden Warlord Titania



Titania is truly a foundation doe. She is a fantastic milker, with a long level lactation. As a 3 year old, she produced 4200 lbs. of milk in 335 days and was Top Ten for Butterfat. She was 13th place 2 year old at 2005 Nationals and really outdid herself at 2008 Linear Appraisal, scoring a 92 EEEE.   She one-upped herself at 2012 Linear Appraisal, once again scoring a  92 EEEE as a 9 year old doe!  

Titania has time and again proven her Superior Genetics designation, with her daughter, SGCH Whey-to-Go Tatsinda also appraising FS LA 92 EEEE as a 5 year old.  No slouch in the milk parlor, Tatsinda produced 3550 lbs/milk and 133 lbs/butterfat on a 254 day lactation.  Titania’s granddaughter, Whey-to-Go Tabbitina,  was Top Ten in 2011 for both milk (4110 lbs/milk/305 days) and Protein (122 lbs/protein/305 days).  Titania’s daughter, Whey-to-Go Trillium was Top Ten in two categories for 2012 - #1 for Butterfat (159 #) and #8 for protein (112#).  Trillium was Top Ten in all three categories for 2013:  #2 for milk production (4610#), #2 for Butterfat (205#, w/ 4.4% butterfat average), and #2 for Protein (151# w/ 3.3% average). Titania’s 2014 daughter, Whey-to-Go Tinuviel, earned her dry leg this year as a Junior.

3X GCH, 3X BOB, 3X BUOB, 1X Best Udder in Show, 3X RGCH, Top-Ten 2006 (3810 139 119)

DOB 3/19/03                                                                   American

Sire: +B PJ’s Mountain View Warlord   LA 90 EEE
SS: +*B SG Des Ruhigestelle Eliot
SD: PJ’s Mountain View Miss Pixie

Dam: Wild Garden Eyanni Chardonnay
DS: *B Des Ruhigestelle Eyanni
DD: SG Klisse’s Torrent of Hope   LA 89 VEEE

FS 92 EEEE (9 years of age)
FS 92 EEEE (5 years of age)

       Dan & Camille O’Connor
E-mail  Blaiseo@aol.com